See: Celestial Objects available for purchase in our cases today

  • Pearl planets
  • Meteorite Ring
    18k and 22k ring with meteorite.
  • Alien Love Earrings
  • Meteor Passing Auralia
  • Meteorite Comet Earrings
  • Moonstone Comet Pin
  • Ruby Comet Earrings
    18k gold and ruby comet earrings
  • Aliens Mining for Diamonds on a Meteor
    Natural pallasite meteorite with 18 k gold aliens and a diamond.
  • Man in the Moon Blowing Stars
    Man in the Moon Blowing Stars. Hand carved spectrolite moon faces with diamonds.  18k and 22k yellow gold.
  • Alien Couple Searching for Engagement Ring Stones on a Meteor
  • “Black Hole in the Center of a Spiral Galaxy” 18k and 22k gold with Black South Sea pearl, purple sapphires, diamonds
    Black Hole in the Center of a Spiral Galaxy. 18 and 22k gold, South Sea pearl, sapphires  and diamonds.