Portfolio of Handmade Earrings

Every earring shown is handmade by Daniel, and most of these pieces are one-of-a-kind, personally-created designs. The earrings displayed here are representative of my work but are not necessarily available in the store at this time. You can order earrings based on the designs shown but pieces with unique stones may not be able to be duplicated exactly.

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  • Solar Eclipse 2024 earrings
  • Ruby Comets
  • Man in the Moon Blowing Stars
  • Garnet Mokume Gane
  • Pearls and Orange Sapphires
  • Montana Sapphire Pea Pods
  • Opal Triangles
  • Tanzanite dangles
  • Diamond and Ruby Drops
  • Indonesian petrified opal and Montana sapphire earrings
  • Small discs/Big pearls
  • Black pearl disc earrings
  • Pearl and Green Garnets
  • Emerald Crystal Slices, Emeralds and Diamonds
  • The classics with pearls and sapphires
  • 22k gold, boulder opals and diamonds
  • Keshi pearls in 18k and 22k gold with diamonds.
  • Tanzanite discs
  • I love your shoes.  Carved spectrolite, moonstone, pearls, 18k, 22k
  • Pearl Planets
  • Maw Sit Sit Dancers
  • Alien Couple Searching for Engagement Ring Stones on a Meteor
  • Alien Love Earrings
  • Tanzanite Dangles
  • Aqua Drops
  • Watermelon tourmaline gold bezel earrings
  • Magnificent blue sapphire and diamond earrings
  • My signature gold mask earrings
  • Garnet Leaves earrings
  • Boulder Opal, Aquamarine, Pearls and Diamonds in 18k white and yellow gold
  • South Sea Black Pearls and 22k gold
  • “Zip Zaps” Boulder opal splits, emeralds in 18k and 22k gold
  • “Pearl Planets” Freshwater pearls, purple sapphires 18k and 22k gold
  • Watermelon Tourmalines in 22k and 18k gold
  • “Lorrie’s Earrings” Tourmalines and diamonds in 18k gold
  • “Bug Earrings” 22k and 18k gold with Australian boulder opals
  • “Chandeliers” 18k and 22k gold earrings with purple sapphires, diamonds and pearls
  • Keshi pearl earrings in 18k and 22k gold
  • Spectrolite face earrings with tourmaline crystal, diamond and pearl 18k and 22k gold
  • Mokume Gane earrings, 22k gold, 18k palladium white gold and yellow gold with diamonds
  • “Tourmo Discs”. Tourmalines in 18k yellow gold

What They Say …

I just visited this jeweler with my girlfriend who was getting her engagement ring. What a terrific store. everything is made by the owner/designer Daniel. The earrings, rings, pins and bracelets are amazing. Even though I wan’t buying today the staff took lots of time to show me pieces and talk to me about working with some of my own stones to make a special piece for my daughter. I would highly recommend that you visit this store when you need a piece of jewelry.

~ Katherine M.

Cambridge, MA

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