• Jade pendant in 18k yellow gold
  • Boulder opal in 18k and 22k gold with rubies and emerald
  • Tanzanite pendant, 18k gold with diamond accent
  • Black pearl pendant in 22k and 18k gold
  • Jade, pink sapphire and diamond pendant in 18k and 22k gold
  • Australian boulder opal, emeralds and diamond pendant 18k and 22k
  • Kuroit boulder opal in 18k gold
  • Freshwater pearl in 18k and 22k gold
  • Tourmaline and ruby pendant in 18k and 22k
  • Tanzanite, pearl and 18k gold pendant
  • 18k pink, yellow and white gold mokume gane pendant with diamonds
  • Australian opal in 18k gold and 22k gold
  • Fancy sapphires in 18k gold
  • Spectrolite carved moon face and emerald pendant 18k and 22k gold
  • 18k gold pendant with Australian boulder opal, emerald and sapphire
  • “Rings Pendant” Black mobe pearl, pink sapphire, emerald and diamonds in 18k and 22k
  • Placeholder
  • Ethiopian opal pendant with diamond in 22k and 18k

What They Say …

Daniel … such beautiful blog photos of these gorgeous pearls and a very informative article as well. I want you to know that I love the pearl and diamond pendant you made for me. So much so that even if I don’t wear it during the day, I wear it at home in the evening because it is so beautiful and makes me feel so happy to wear it.

~ Blog comment from Anonymous

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