Portfolio of Pendants

All the pieces are designed and handmade by Daniel. Nearly all of the pendants in this portfolio are one-of-a-kind. These pendants are representative of my work, and if you see one that speaks to you but doesn’t happen to be in stock, you can order one based on the design you like. Pendants with unique gemstones may not be able to reproduced exactly, but I can custom design one that you will love.

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  • Custom sapphire and diamond pendant
  • Emerald and diamond pendant. 22k and 18k gold.
  • Custom 18k pendant with customer’s diamonds
  • Heart Pendant
  • Jade pendant in 18k yellow gold
  • Boulder opal in 18k and 22k gold with rubies and emerald
  • Tanzanite pendant, 18k gold with diamond accent
  • Black pearl pendant in 22k and 18k gold
  • Jade, pink sapphire and diamond pendant in 18k and 22k gold
  • Australian boulder opal, emeralds and diamond pendant 18k and 22k
  • Kuroit boulder opal in 18k gold
  • Freshwater pearl in 18k and 22k gold
  • Tourmaline and ruby pendant in 18k and 22k
  • 18k pink, yellow and white gold mokume gane pendant with diamonds
  • Tanzanite, pearl and 18k gold pendant
  • Australian opal in 18k gold and 22k gold
  • Fancy sapphires in 18k gold
  • Spectrolite carved moon face and emerald pendant 18k and 22k gold
  • 18k gold pendant with Australian boulder opal, emerald and sapphire
  • “Rings Pendant” Black mobe pearl, pink sapphire, emerald and diamonds in 18k and 22k
  • Placeholder
  • Ethiopian opal pendant with diamond in 22k and 18k

What They Say …

Daniel … such beautiful blog photos of these gorgeous pearls and a very informative article as well. I want you to know that I love the pearl and diamond pendant you made for me. So much so that even if I don’t wear it during the day, I wear it at home in the evening because it is so beautiful and makes me feel so happy to wear it.

~ Blog comment from Anonymous

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