Custom Rings Gallery

These rings are representative of my work but are not necessarily in stock. You can order pieces based on these custom designs at any time, but items with unique gemstones may not be able to be reproduced exactly.

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  • Yellow sapphire ring
  • Tourmaline and Diamond Ring
  • Frosty Gold and Platinum Ring
  • Engagement ring with hot pink sapphire
  • Purple Sapphire Ring with Diamonds
  • Heart Ring
  • Montana Sapphire Ring
  • Men’s boulder opal ring
  • Custom hand built ring with purple sapphire and diamonds.
  • Lazare Diamond in 18k yellow gold ring
  • Blue Sapphire and diamond ring in 18k yellow gold
  • Platinum and 18k yellow gold mixed metal ring with diamonds and sapphires
  • Purple sapphire and diamond ring in 18k yellow gold
  • Mixed metal 18k palladium white and 18k yellow gold with Lazare Diamond
  • Purple and pink sapphire 18k yellow gold ring with diamonds and diamonds
  • Ring in 18k yellow gold with Lazare Diamond
  • 950 platinum ring with purple sapphire and diamonds
  • Platinum 950 ring with Lazare Diamond
  • “Not Your Usual 3 Stone Ring” in 18k palladium white and yellow gold with Lazare Diamonds
  • Lazare Diamond in platinum settings and 18k yellow gold ring
  • Blue Sapphire and diamond ring in 18k yellow gold with white gold accents
  • Purple sapphire and diamond engagement ring in 950 platinum
  • “Stackables” Purple, pink and blue sapphires in 18k yellow gold
  • Engagement ring in 950 platinum with purple sapphire
  • “True Love Ring” Fine Chess Cut Tourmaline in 18k gold with diamonds
  • “The 20 Year Anniversary Ring” 1.75 ct. ideal cut diamond in 22k gold
  • Pink sapphire and purple sapphires in 18k gold

What They Say …

This is the place to go to get beautiful jewelry locally, period. Daniel worked with me patiently to get what I really wanted out of a design for a ring. I’m so thrilled with the results. Excellent quality, excellent experience. I recommend this place to everybody.”

~ Sophia C.
Cambridge, MA

We bought our wedding rings 26 years ago from Dan, and he has stood by his jewelry ever since. We went back on our tenth anniversary to ask for him to make us custom rings cut from the same band of gold. People in all sorts of places have recognized his work! He is a gifted artist, and always fusses over his rings when we come to have them cleaned (now from out of state), but I know that’s because he cares passionately about his work.”

~ E H.
Lansing, MI

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