Pins Gallery

All of the pins displayed here were designed and handmade by Daniel. All are custom-created, one-of-a-kind pieces. These designs are representative of my work, but if you see a brooch you like that doesn’t happen to be in stock, I can create a piece based on the design you prefer. Items with unique gemstones may not be able to be duplicated exactly, but I will work with you to create a piece you will cherish.

  • Rainbow Moonstone Comet Pin
  • Heart Pin
  • Moonstone Heart Pin
  • Plasma Streams Following a Pearalian Comet
  • Beryllian Miners Escorting an Opalian Comet
  • “Comet Pin” Sunstone, orange sapphires, 18 and 22k gold
  • “Comet Pin” Lapis Lazuli, carved labradorite face, tourmaline, 18k and 22k gold
  • “Comet Pin” Turquoise, pink sapphire, freshwater pearl, diamond, 22k and 18k gold
  • Gold bar pin with tourmalines, pink sapphire, South Sea pearl in 22k and 18k gold
  • Brooch in 18k and 22k gold with pearls, boulder opals, rainbow moonstone and purple sapphires
  • 22k and 18k gold comet pin with boulder opal, emeralds, blue sapphire and diamond
  • “Black Hole in the Center of a Spiral Galaxy” 18k and 22k gold with Black South Sea pearl, purple sapphires, diamonds