Wedding Bands

  • 18k yellow and white gold wedding bands
  • Stacking rings in 18k yellow and pink gold and platinum
  • Diamond wedding bands in 18k gold
  • 950 platinum wedding bands from Spirer Jewelers
  • Wedding bands with stones
  • 18k and 22k gold wedding bands
  • Mixed metal wedding bands
  • 950 platinum wedding bands
  • 18k wedding rings
  • Celtic weave 18k gold wedding rings
  • 18k pink and yellow gold wedding bands
  • Floral and foliate 18k wedding rings
  • Diamond and platinum wedding bands
  • Wide wedding ring in 18k
  • 18k yellow gold wedding bands
  • Wedding rings with and without stones
  • 18k yellow gold band with ideal cut diamonds
  • 18k white and yellow gold wedding band
  • 22k and 18k wedding bands
  • 22k Gold Granulated Ring
  • Platinum wedding bands
  • Placeholder
  • 18k Reticulated Gold Ring
  • Placeholder

What They Say …

She Loved It!! I went to Daniel R. Spirier because I wanted to find something for my, at the time, soon to be fiance that was unique and special. A friend of mine actually worked in a jewelry store chain and told me that all of their jewelry was mass produced and I wanted to stay away from that. … I wanted something special and hand crafted for my girl. Ashley freaked out!! She loved it. She said yes and started crying, I won’t forget that night. If you’re looking for an engagement ring you should definitely check them out. Great warranty also.”

~ James B.
Cambridge, MA

I actually ended up enjoying the ring shopping that I had been dreading for months.

In the end I had a beautiful ring that was one of a kind, and I felt like I had some part in its creation, though I am afraid I possess none of the skills to have actually made it. I was also surprised at how fairly priced the ring was, he really gives you a much better product for very comparable prices to a mass produced ring. …

I recommend this place to everybody.

~ Yelp Review by Bren P.
Cambridge, MA

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