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This is the BEST jewelry store EVER!!!!!

Custom pieces, knowledgeable owner/artist, great service. This is my favorite store.

There is no place quite like this. My wedding ring came from here and launched a lifelong love of Danny’s work. He made a gorgeous piece for me after my second child was born, and a ring I bought when I saw it in the window is one of my most prized possessions. It’s a treat to wear Danny’s beautifully made pieces. And, there’s nothing like buying from the artist! Love, love, love this place!

Lorie Kram

My Spirer jewelry is over 25 years old and is still the most precious things I own. Earrings and necklaces, all of them spectacular. If you like unique this is the place to go.

Moo Bishop

Daniel … such beautiful blog photos of these gorgeous pearls and a very informative article as well. I want you to know that I love the pearl and diamond pendant you made for me. So much so that even if I don’t wear it during the day, I wear it at home in the evening because it is so beautiful and makes me feel so happy to wear it.


This is the place to go to get beautiful jewelry locally, period.

Daniel worked with me patiently to get what I really wanted out of a design for a ring. I’m so thrilled with the results. Excellent quality, excellent experience.

I recommend this place to everybody

Yelp Review by Sophia C.
Cambridge, MA

After cleaning my apt, I looked down at my men’s wedding ring and noticed the diamond had fell out. Luckily I found it in my vacuum cleaner (I know right?!). I live close to Cambridgeside Galleria so I decided to take it Kaye Jewelers. The woman I spoke with was clueless and wanted to charge me $80. I thought that was kind of high, given that I didn’t need the diamond replaced, just put back in the ring. I decided to look around the mall but couldn’t find any place. I went back to Kaye the next day to speak with someone else, hoping this person would know what they’re talking about. This manager was just as clueless as their employee and wanted to charge $100. I work in Porter Square and decided to google jewelry repair near me and that’s how I found Daniel Spirer Jewelers. I brought the ring in and he told me it’d be $35. He had the ring ready in 2 days. (Kaye told me it would take about 2 weeks). Daniel even polished my ring and it looks completely brand new. I was completely satisfied with his work and if I ever need any jewelry repair or to purchase any in the future, I will be going back to Daniel.

Yelp Review by Kenneth L.
Cambridge, MA

We bought our wedding rings 26 years ago from Dan, and he has stood by his jewelry ever since. We went back on our tenth anniversary to ask for him to make us custom rings cut from the same band of gold. People in all sorts of places have recognized his work! He is a gifted artist, and always fusses over his rings when we come to have them cleaned (now from out of state), but I know that’s because he cares passionately about his work. If your focus is customer service go to a chain. If you want beautiful jewelry that will last, go see Dan.

Yelp Review by E H.

Daniel Spirer was the perfect jeweler for us. We have no experience in buying jewelry, and he patiently answered all of our questions honestly and helpfully. He gave us time and space to browse and ponder the jewelry on display, then discussed the intricacies of different metals, gems, and construction processes with us. My husband and Dan designed my engagement ring together; Dan remembered exactly which details and styles of rings I had liked when we browsed the shop months before, and together they made a ring that is exactly right for me, and unlike any other I’ve seen.

We returned for our wedding rings and were struck again by the beauty of Dan’s work and the care he puts into every design, whether it’s for a young couple on a budget like us or the most lavish jewelry for his longstanding customers. We heartily recommend him.

Yelp Review by Amanda R.
Arlington, MA

Took my wedding band to Daniel Spirer Jewelers to have a lost stone replaced. There is nothing I hate more than getting a quote for something and then when it comes time to pay, the price has mysteriously doubled. You can imagine my delight when the exact OPPOSITE happened here! Not only was my ring looking good as new in no time at all, it was done for less than half the originally estimated price.

Thank you for being such an honest, un-sneaky businessman!

Yelp Review by Lindsey D.
Cambridge, MA

Over the past 17 years I have bought a custom bracelet, two custom necklaces, and custom ring, as well as a ring and necklace from Dan Spirer’s showcase display of his own designs. To say I am a fan of his jewelry would be a vast understatement. His jewelry is unique and beautifully crafted . He faithfully adheres to the lifetime guarantee that comes with each piece he designs. Over the years we have become friends and when I worked with him on the custom-ordered pieces, it was such a pleasure to have the two of us figure out the best way to implement my initial idea. Dan always made sure that we were staying true to my aesthetic as well as his. I am saving up so that I can buy another ring at some point. His jewelry has given me so much pleasure over the years and I feel very lucky to have his store located near my home which is how I initially found his store.

Yelp Review by Amy C.
Cambridge, MA