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I came in and took up a bunch of Daniel’s time several times before we finally worked out what he was going to do for the engagement ring I wanted to get for my now fiancé. He was very polite and spent so much of his valuable time with me I really appreciated it. I actually ended up enjoying the ring shopping that I had been dreading for months.

I was so excited to see the finished ring he was making; it actually helped slow down time while I finished my Ph.D. dissertation! In the end I had a beautiful ring that was one of a kind, and I felt like I had some part in its creation, though I am afraid I possess none of the skills to have actually made it. 🙂 I was also surprised at how fairly priced the ring was, he really gives you a much better product for very comparable prices to a mass produced ring.

He will always be a special person for me; he was the first person I told that I was going to propose, and the first to congratulate me on getting engaged… He did it when we first met! I think he has a pretty good track record with his clients having success with proposals!

I recommend this place to everybody.

Yelp Review by Bren P.
Cambridge, MA

I am not very knowledgeable about jewelry, but I am an engineer. I do experimental work, and I often have to get parts manufactured that are one of a kind. I have become very good at looking at a part or a machine, doing a few calculations, coming up with an estimate of what it should cost, and being within +/- 25%.

When I went to Daniel to get an engagement ring made for my now fiancé, I did the same thing I would have done for any other custom part. I calculated the material cost, figured out how the part would be made, and then calculated the skilled labor, and machine cost for the different processes. I am probably still hated in Charleston, SC from when I bought my last car, I really haggled with a lot of dealers I think I made 10 different offers on 10 different cars before I finally closed a deal at a fair price for both parties.

When I bought that beautiful ring that Daniel made for me, I didn’t even haggle with him… That ring was a great value. You can go buy a ring that is getting cast by the thousands from a regular jeweler and maybe (though in many cases not) get it for marginally cheaper per oz. of precious metal. However, when you get it from Daniel, you have a one of kind piece of art that was made by a guy who loves what he does and he is so skilled at his craft that he can make a much more beautiful ring that is still cost competitive with mass produced rings.

Facebook Review by Bren Phillips
Cambridge, MA

Daniel is a very gifted jeweler and a gem to work with. My husband and I have several pieces from Daniel, including my engagement ring and both our wedding bands. In all, he has created four pieces for us. In each case, he worked with us to create a design and then created exactly what we’d had in mind. His designs are beautiful and unusual.

Pieta B.
Boston, MA

I had an amazing experience here. We went in looking for an engagement ring and I fell in love with this artists’ work. Mr. Spirer was great to work with, stands by the quality of his work and sourcing of the stones (I recommend reading his blog its pretty great). He even helped me rework something when what I requested was not what I wanted in the end, that kind of customer service you will not find anywhere else. I am so pleased with the ring and can’t wait to return for our bands!

Ricky T.Cambridge, MA