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My 150 year old ring fell apart and other jewelers wouldn’t touch it. I brought it into Daniel and he gave me an honest assessment of how difficult it might be to repair, but said he would do his best. I just picked up the ring and it is beautifully and perfectly repaired. I would highly recommend Daniel and his work.

Yelp Review by Ayala L.
Cambridge, MA

We bought our wedding rings here and we love them. Daniel is a great artist – his work is one of a kind and shines (haha) above other jewelers we looked at. He has a great warranty policy. I love the fact that he has a dog on site and the dog is not in the least bit unfriendly. He previously had a chocolate lab and now a sweet little dachsund. I would buy his entire inventory if I had the money!!

Yelp Review by Kim D.
Arlington, MA

… I went to see Daniel about two months ago for an engagement ring. His work is extremely unique and he has a great passion for it. The thing I like most about Daniel is that he is extremely clear with everything from the moment I walked in the door until the moment I made my purchase weeks later:

‘This is what I do, this is my work and this is the product you will receive for a fair, clearly defined price.’

He is trying to sell you a product at the end of the day but he was extremely honest and clearly loves what he does.

Go to his website, read his blog and if you like what you see go see Daniel. It is rare to work with someone so honest and professional in this city.

I can’t wait to bring my fiance back to get our wedding bands done by Mr. Spirer!

Yelp Review by Evan K.
Boston, MA

My fiance purchased my engagement ring and then we went on to purchase our wedding bands from Danny. My ring is handmade, unique, and gorgeous. Not only to I get many complements on it, but I absolutely adore it and have not stopped admiring it for a year now. Danny encourages me to come in to have it cleaned when I’m in the area, which is often, since I live in Cambridge so it’s nice to pop in and have it shined up every so often. Danny wants his jewelry to look its best so he’s happy to do this as often as you’d like.

We recently bought our wedding bands from Danny and now that we’re actually wearing them, I now have two new pieces of jewelry to admire. Danny made a rose gold band to complement my platinum engagement ring and my husband has a brushed rose gold band. Mine look great together and it’s great to look at him and admire his as well.

Danny is friendly, honest and great at what he does!

Yelp Review by Erin L.
Cambridge, MA

My husband and I got our wedding bands from Daniel this spring. We found out about him through a friend who got her wedding bands from him as well. My husband and I wanted something really unique and something that would compliment my already unique engagement ring. After visiting a couple of times to see the jewelry examples he had, Daniel helped me pick a band that would work for me and customized it with larger diamonds. My then fiancé returned after much debate on what he wanted and Daniel was able to custom design him a ring AND complete it in a very short 2 week window before our wedding ceremony (mine took about 6 weeks, shorter than the 8-12 week estimate) We absolutely LOVE our rings and truly could not have dreamed of rings more representative of us. My husband’s ring ended up being a bit too small since it’s warmed up a bit. We were afraid because of how detailed it is, Daniel wouldn’t be able to resize it, but he told us not to worry and he can resize it in at most, 1 day! We’ll be going in later this week to have that done.

Daniel has a dry sense of humor and is very funny. He will let you know right away what will and will not work during the design period. Though his prices are high, for the quality of the materials he uses (18Kt gold, conflict-free, clearest diamonds) and the artistry is well worth the cost. No one in the world will have a ring like mine or my husbands! Daniel also has a little shop dog, Ziggy, who is very loud, but very friendly! Warning, if you wear sandals, he’ll probably lick your toes 🙂

All in all, I would recommend Daniel Spirer Jewelers to anyone looking for high quality custom jewelry with a unique flair. Thank you Daniel!

Yelp Review by Laura W.
Boston, MA

Daniel worked with me patiently to make a beautiful custom engagement ring that I love. He even pulled a diamond out of a previously made piece to use in my own ring. All of his jewelry is gorgeous and I would happily go home with any piece.

Yelp Review by Nicole C.
Somerville, MA

The one part of my wedding that was easy and enjoyable. So many wedding details made me want to tear out my hair, but the selection of an engagement ring and wedding bands at Spirer Jewelers was a pleasure!

Dan is knowledgeable, funny and a wonderful designer.

My sapphire and diamond engagement ring was just the alternative to a traditional diamond ring that I wanted. Dan custom built a wedding band to fit exactly right with this beautiful ring. My husband had never worn a ring before and he is very happy with the platinum band Dan designed for him.

Do yourself a favor and visit this store.

Citysearch Review by stardot

My wife had some old jewelry that she wanted to use to create something modern and custom. Since she’s become a big fan of Daniel’s artistry, her decision was easy. The problem was she kind-of sort-of had a visual of what she wanted but not totally. Well Daniel did an outstanding job of given her a solid idea of what the final product. The finished product surpassed her expectations! She gets many positive comments. We recommend Daniel for any special designs.

Evelyn B.
Somerville, MA

Just returned to Spirer after a few years away- they still have THE most beautiful stones and designs. Love the contemporary engagement and wedding bands but also some traditional takes with Daniel’s ‘spin.’ The personal service is outstanding. Even with gold at record highs Daniel worked with us to make the piece accessible. Definitely a ‘signature” piece that will be worn for many many years to come.

Dale F.
Gloucester, MA

My husband and I had our wedding rings designed by Daniel 10 years ago. We recently went back for an anniversary ring. His designs are timeless and he uses only the highest quality gemstones. We also enjoy working with Dan because he loves what he does and it is evident in every piece in the store. He is also flexible. He let us use a diamond that we recently inherited in the design and found the perfect sapphires to complement it. Our piece is unique, wearable everyday and beautiful. We recommend this jeweler to all our friends.

Larry C
Yahoo Review